Corporate Security

we help corporate clients achieve their commercial goals by integrating security protection and cost control.

Mall Security

We provide an effective mall security to mitigate risks, and create a welcoming environment for shoppers!.

Escort Security

We are a presence to protect your family or employees; we collect then from their work-places and return them safely.

our services
Traffic management

We are an expert provider of traffic management and traffic control service across Bengaluru.

Fire fighting and evacuation

we provide customer-focused and cost-effective fire fighting and evacuation solutions.

Mob Control

The team is trained on the dynamics and psychology of a mob to provide you an effective and viable option when faced.

We aim to provide
Top Class Solutions to our clients.

Cadman is capable in providing wide range of highest quality security to all our clients engaged in any type of business activities. Security personnel may be armed, unarmed, uniformed or ununiformed.

Work Process

Our operational strategy provides for the integration of formalised processes including, but not limited to, personnel recruiting and in-depth pre-employment planning, management of client owned property, Corporate support services, Alarm surveillance, CCTV monitoring, vehicles inspection, Static/roving/mobile patrolling, Traffic and pedestrians management.


Prior to assigning security post to a person, we ensure that the person meets all requirements of suitability as laid down in Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act, 2005. Our security personnel are highly trained and motivated to take assigned challenges of all our clients.


When it comes to transitioning. Wisdom's experience and attention to details allows for a smooth transition with positive result. At Wisdom, we focus on our client's specific requirements and deliver pro-active security solutions with the best trained security personnel they deserve for proper execution.


We have a control room which is manned round the clock by experienced staff. This acts as one point command and communication centre. This gives support to the operations team and work as a "Nerve Centre". We also have a Quick Reaction Team(QRT) which is at the disposal of Control Room.